During your stay at Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge, there are a variety of excursions and activities you can participate in to fully experience this enchanting region of the Ecuador Andes.
Explore the wide open moorlands in the Sierra on horseback, foot or bike with unique opportunities inviting you to fall in love with the wilderness of Cotopaxi.

Rates include two daily activities with the following options:

Horseback riding (1-2 hours)

One of the most wonderful ways to admire the wild landscapes of the Cotopaxi region is on horseback. The horse trails are within the Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge property and you are accompanied by both bilingual and a local guide. Not only can you see the majestic Cotopaxi Volcano, but with favorable weather, you can view other nearby volcanoes such as Rumiñahui, Pasochoa, the Sincholagua in which we are located and others. As the wind blows effortlessly around you and your horse, you can feel the Andean moorlands come to life with many opportunities to see wildlife like the Andean deer, rabbits, wild horses, highland bird species, and with some luck, the Andean Condor. During your ride, you will be equipped with water and snacks like delicious cookies and nuts, as well as helmets and the required riding gear.

Hiking  (1-2 hours)

Accompanied by your bilingual guide you can reach a deeper connection to the pure and raw natural areas of the Cotopaxi moorlands. As you walk along, your guide will give further explanations on the location and what you can see and hear while you walk and discover the magic of the land. You can choose from long or short paths, the type of adventure you wish is the command of Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge. During your hike, you may encounter wild rabbits, Andean foxes, deer, owls, and a large diversity of birds. The flora is just as incredible as you will come upon many endemic flowers, plants and trees that are protected in the area and play vital roles in the ecosystem. Feel free to bring your camera with you so you can take in the diverse and unique shots of the Andean paramo.

Biking on the property  (1-2 hours)

Inhale the magic of the Cotopaxi air while you ride through the most stunning scenery alongside the highest active volcano in the world. On this bike riding activity, your bilingual guide will accompany you as you ride across the high plains, keeping an eye out for native highland wildlife and take in incredible views. The massive volcano of Cotopaxi will be looming before you and if the skies are clear, you'll be able to see the many other important peaks of the Avenue of the Volcanoes. You will be provided the bikes and helmets, as well as water and snacks to enjoy the ride. The entire loop provides you with a trail of about 10 km or 6 miles, which is plenty of track to truly enjoy another unique experience in the Andes.

Cooking Class  (1-2 hours)

Delve into another fascinating experience and get to know the culture by preparing a traditional Ecuadorian dish directly with Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge's chef. This hands-on adventure into the culinary world of Ecuadorian gastronomy will leave you with the skills to make the same delicious meals or platters for friends and family, long after you have returned home. The specific course will be decided by the chef and will depend on the season, but you can be sure it will be a delicious way to spend your time. If you'd like, you can also choose to learn how to prepare homemade blueberry marmalade from the "mortiños", or blueberry variety that is grown on the Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge property.

Services with an additional cost:

  • Andean Paramo Picnic

Surround yourself in the magic of the Andean forest while enjoying a delicious and lavish picnic as only we know how to prepare.

  • Massages

Enjoy a relaxing massage in the midst of a unique and wonderful nature leaving you feeling pampered and refreshed.


The Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge welcomes families with children of all ages.  The lodge offers activities that appeal to both young children and teenagers, creating unforgettable experiences that engage the entire family, providing memories to last a lifetime.

The Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge welcomes families with children at any age

The following activities are perfect for children:

Children are fascinated by animals and nature, and love to explore! Grabbing their attention for adventure is even more exciting in the perfectly preserved nature surrounding the Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge. The local communities also play a large part in the activities offered, allowing for an insightful experience for children young and old. They will learn about the different ways of life in the highlands and the culture of the people who have planted their roots here. The interactive activities offered range from milking the cows, feeding various farm animals, harvesting potatoes, or the Andean blueberry variety of mortiños and their imaginations will have no limit while treasure hunting on the Cotopaxi paramo for fun scavenger hunts provided by the management of the lodge. Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge is proud to support these communities and their traditions and values while creating memorable moments for families and children.