The Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge is a unique and special place located on the slopes of the Sincholagua Volcano, found in front of the Cotopaxi Volcano, the tallest active in the world.  The lodge is located at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level and surrounded by beautiful and wide open grasslands in the Andean paramo with a combination of forest, streams, waterfalls and rivers such as the Pita the passes by peacefully near the lodge.  The property is found in the middle of a private hacienda where wildlife roam freely including red-brocket deer, Andean fox, Andean pumas, White-tailed deer, and even the rare Andean-speckled bear, along with wild horses and a huge variety of endemic birds.  The most famous the bird species seen in this area is the Andean Condor, the national emblem of Ecuador.


The lodge is a new concept in contemporary lodging structures with extensive social areas and a privileged panoramic view of volcanoes Cotopaxi, Rumiñahui, Pasochoa and Sincholagua.  The concept of Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge was created on the idea of the perfect combination of ultimate comfort and elegance, while allowing the traveler to stay in touch with the amazing natural surroundings of the Andean paramo; an experience many travelers are looking for and have not been able to find until now.  The property surrounding Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge has private trails for hiking, horseback riding, biking or simply walk and explore, enjoying natural beauty of the flora and fauna in this incredible environment unique to Ecuador.  This special place invites you to live a unique and special experience that will touch the most intimate fibers of your senses.




The Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge is located in the Ecuadorian paramo; a natural and fragile environment found throughout the highest parts of the Andes Mountain Range.

Our vision is to share with you and the rest of the world the importance of the Ecuadorian paramo and the beauty of the surrounding nature.  Therefore, this will incentivize you to want to protect this important and fragile ecosystem.  The most amazing aspect is that you can protect these areas while enjoying the comforts of a contemporary facility with activities related to the destination, gourmet Ecuadorian cuisine and the warm and friendly services of our local staff.

Reaching as high as the snow lined volcanoes are the vital ecosystems that regulate the climate and hydrological cycles in Ecuador. Additionally, the Andean moorlands are of huge biological importance and play an important role in the capacity to store and create different sources of water.


At Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge, we are committed to protecting the paramo, especially since the lodge is surrounded by large extensions of grasslands and fragile vegetation. It is essential to conserve these natural ecosystems as much as possible.  Therefore, Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge maintains a natural balance preserving these areas, all while providing a peaceful escape for those looking to enjoy nature to its fullest and learning how important the ecosystem is for both wildlife and humankind.

The following practices of Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge indicate the responsible approaches taken in order to care for the environment, while also working closely with local native communities:

1. Collection of rainwater used for bathrooms.

2. Sewage plant for treatment of black and gray water.

3. Use of biodegradable products.

4. Solar panels for partial water heating.


Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge protects and cares for the flora and fauna by evading any process that puts these ecosystems at risk.  That also includes the design in which the lodge was built.

Each individual dome was built on lifted platforms so animals can continue living below the domes.  Guests can feel good about their decision to stay at Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge, knowing their accommodations are not causing irreversible effects onto the land.  In addition to this, the wildlife of the Andean paramo is not threatened as they can pass below each dome. The Andean fox, rabbit, deer and many other highland creatures can move freely to graze, hunt and scavenge as they have always done before.


Working with the Loreto del Pedregal community allows Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge to have a close connection with them. Some members of the community make up part of lodge staff, or even provide activities and experiences for the guests.  At the same time, the lodge helps and supports the community by providing opportunities to learn more about ecotourism while working at the lodge.  Each member of the Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge premises gains hands on experience in offering the highest levels of quality guest service.  This ranges from wait and cooking staff, maintenance, house keeping, reception, customer service, and so much more.